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Payload Release Module (PL1)

120,00 €  

IVA incluído

1. Can be used to carry long fishing line and drop baits at a long distance. 
2. Attach fishing line into the rig, fly out the drone to planned location and drop baits on target place with remote controller.
3. With high payload capacity up to 1kg. it is much safer than a DIY fishing rig.
4.The rig is centralised under Splash drone's frame for equal loading.
5. After spotting the best fishing area, installing the rig just take a few seconds.
6. The rig is directly powered by Splash drone's battery through a waterproof quick-released plug.
7. It is capable of dropping bait within 1km away.
8. It is completely compatible with Splash drone without interference to the radio connection, video transmission and GPS precision.
9. 100% waterproof and anti-corrosion.
10. Made from high precision CNC aluminum and stainless steel.
11. Sleek and simple design, only weighs 134g.

12. The payload release rig also allows Splash drone to do jobs like delivering lifesaving equipments such as life jackets and floats for search and rescue.

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