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Splashdrone 3+ High Voltage Battery

180,00 €  

IVA incluído

The new 4S High-Voltage battery (4S-LiHV) is specially designed for SplashDrone 3/3+, which has perfect size that will fit the drone. The high density material can load much more power than normal battery, it can make the flight time of the SplashDrone 3/3+ up to 25 minutes without mount module.


1. Only use the standard Swellpro SplashDrone 3+ High-Voltage balance charger to charge this battery, other 4S charger might not able to fully charge this battery).

2.Since the SplashDrone 3+ platform supports different kind of mount modules, the flight time will vary according to the mount module. 

3.The actual flight time might become less according to the time and battery maintenance status, read the drone manual to know how to maintain the drone battery.

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